Key Qualifications

Ms. Martic is a Fiscal Advisor. During her 14 years of professional experience, she has demonstrated significant expertise in the areas: public sector development (taxation and economic efficiency, macroeconomic modeling, expansion of revenues, access to finance, business efficiency and promotion); strategic, tactical and operational planning and management. 
Educational Background

Master of Science in Economics. Magna Cum Laude. Florida State University. Recipient of the Ron Brown Fellowship to study in the United States.

Bachelor of Science in Economics. University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

University of Colorado, Boulder. Economics Institute. Graduate studies in Economics. 

Relevant Experience

Nathan Associates Inc.-Senior Tax Expert in LPFM II Project (USAID- funded Project of Leadership in Public Financial Management II-DRM Reform Case Bosnia). 

Deloitte Consulting LLP-Policy Advisor in TARA office in Banja Luka (USAID-funded Project of Tax Reform Activity).

Barents Group of BearingPoint– Team Leader/Fiscal Advisor in BearingPoint office in Podgorica, Montenegro (USAID-funded Project of Economic and Institutional Reforms in Montenegro, II and III phase). 

PricewaterhouseCoopers-Macroeconomic Policy Specialist in the PwC office in Podgorica, Montenegro (USAID- funded Project of Economic and Institutional Reforms in Montenegro).

PricewaterhouseCoopers -Analyst position in the PwC office in Banja Luka, Bosnia (USAID-funded Privatization Project in Bosnia). 

Other Professionally Related Activities

Office of Economic and Demographic Research, the Florida Legislature, (Tallahassee, US).

United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees, (office in Banja Luka, Bosnia), 

International Council of Voluntary Agencies (office in Banja Luka, Bosnia), 

Medicine Sans Frontiers – Netherlands (Office in Zagreb, Croatia);